MOH-UAE Exam Application

The Ministry of Health (MOH), is a key institution that is responsible for the implementation of healthcare policies in all aspects under the United Arab Emirates.

UAE has 7 different Emirates namely:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Dubai
  • Fujairah
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Umm Al Quwain
In order to obtain a work under these 7 Emirates, a healthcare professional must obtain a certificate of professional classification and registration and required to undergo a Licensing Examination under the supervision of MOH.

The MOH – UAE Exam Application consists of the following phases:

1- Prof Credentialing Evaluation
2- Dataflow PSV Application
3- Exam Scheduling

There are various Licensing Authorities in the Middle East and each of them has a different set of requirements, regulations, and fees. One international candidate may qualify to one state while another applicant may not depending on their level of education, work experience and so much more. Due to this complex system, candidates are advised to seek assistance from a specialized application preparation center to avoid financial losses and delays that may cause rejections on their applications.

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