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If you hold an active USRN License and you want to renew or re-activate your license, NEAC can certainly assist you to process USRN renewal application.


License renewal is the process by which boards of nursing grant permission to an individual to engage in nursing practice after determining that the applicant has attained the competency necessary to perform a unique scope of practice. License renewal is mandatory when the regulated activities are complex and require specialized knowledge and skill and independent decision making. The licensure process determines if the applicant has the necessary skills to safely perform a specified scope of practice by predetermining the criteria needed and evaluating licensure applicants to determine if they meet the criteria.

Various BONs (Board of Nursing) established procedures for nurses to apply for periodic renewal of their licenses. Some states require demonstration of continuing education, practice hours or other activities as part of the renewal requirements.


There are more than 50 different State Boards of Nursing (SBN) in the U.S.A. and each of them has a different set of requirements, regulations, and fees for the license renewal. One international candidate may qualify to one state while another applicant may not depending on their level of education, work experience and so much more. Due to this complex system, candidates are advised to seek assistance from a specialized application preparation center to avoid financial losses and delays that may cause rejections on their applications.

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