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Visa Screening

What do you need to know about the Visa Screen Application?

The VisaScreen Visa Credentials Assessment Service is a screening program that needs particular health care professionals to complete before being granted a permanent or temporary occupational visa. Once all elements of the assessment are successfully completed, you will receive a VisaScreen certificate. The service includes an educational review, licensure review, English language proficiency assessment, and the passing of one of two approved examinations for registered nurses (the CGFNS Qualifying Exam or NCLEX RN). Successfully completed VisaScreen recipients will be issued an ICHP VisaScreen certificate, which can be presented to a consular officer or, in the case of visa status adjustment, the Attorney General, as part of a visa application.

What is the Purpose of Visa Screen?

The VisaScreen: Visa Credentials Assessment Service is a screening program that requires specific health care professionals to complete a screening program before they can receive either a permanent or temporary occupational visa.

  • NCLEX Passer or CP Certificate Holder
  • Local License
  • English Examination Score (IELTS or TOEFL)

From searching the requirements for the Visa screen certification and other qualifications can be overwhelming especially to foreign nurses who are not acquainted with or had no knowledge in applying for the Visa screen certification. Due to this application process for Visa screen certification, candidates are advised to seek assistance from a specialized application preparation center like NEAC Medical Exams Center. NEAC‌ is an innovative pioneer medical exams application center that offers easy and fast assistance for Visa screen certification and will do all the work for your Visa screen application  for the best price to avoid financial losses and delays that may cause rejections of your application. 

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If the candidate was unable to place their order for the Visa screen Renewal within six months’ time from the certificate’s expiration date, the candiate must place a standard VisaScreen® order to update their certification.

The Expedited Review Service guarantees that the application will be reviewed as soon as possible after after all documents have been received and enetred into CGFNS' database.

The Visa screen Replacement Certificate can be purchased to replace a lost certificate.  Note: Ordering a replacement certificate does not renew the candidate's Visa screen certification. The replacement certificate contains the same expiration date as the initial certificate.

If the candidate's Visa screen order is not completed in a 12-month period, it will expire. The candidate can reprocess their expired order, which will allow them another year to submit the necessary documentation to obtain certification.

A Visa screen Certificate is valid for five years from the date that it is issued. 

No, CGFNS does not accept the at-home versions of English Language Proficiency exams.

For Visa screen, the Request for Academic Records form differs depending on the candidate's profession. Typically, a customized form will be generated at the Print Documents section of the online application, which includes the information about their school as it was entered in the application. 

*Registered NursesLicensed Practical or Vocational Nurses
*Physical Therapists
*Physician Assistants
*Occupational Therapists
*Speech-Language Pathologists
*Clinical Laboratory Technicians/Medical Laboratory Technicians
*Clinical Laboratory Scientists/Medical Laboratory Technologists

The Visa screen ICHP certificate verification letter can be sent to a government agency, a professional board, an educational institution, or an employer to serve as official proof that the candidate have obtained their Visa screen certification.

A candidate cannot apply for a reprocess of their expired order until the order status becomes Expired. An order can only be reprocessed one time.