NEAC Philippines Document Assistance


This NEAC service is for medical professionals residing far from the university they graduated from, especially those who live overseas and cannot gather the required documents and credentials for the licensing process. NEAC does these all for its applicants, which saves them time and money. With our connections with most universities and institutions, we complete this process quite fast, depending on the processing time of the university and the related institutions.

NEAC provides documents assistance for the following:

  • PRC Online License Renewal (All Professions)
  • License Certificate of Good Standing
  • License Verification Assistance for Employers & Health Authorities
  • Academic Forms, School Credentials and envelope
  • DFA Authentication (TOR, Birth and Marriage Certificate)
For further inquiries regarding the fees and requirements for this service, kindly email and contact your Licensing Consultant or Online Specialist if you have one or simply click the button below.