Nursing Council of New Zealand Application | Processing and Registration

Nursing Council of New Zealand Application | Processing and Registration

Learn more about the CVS-NCNZ Exam Application and other important details before submitting your nursing licensure exam application for New Zealand.

What do you need to know about Credential Verification Service - Nursing Council of New Zealand?

CVS-NCNZ is a credential verification that foreign-educated nurses must go through if they want to work in New Zealand. It is a direct and standardized process to validate and authenticate foreign nurses' credentials if they satisfy the requirements of the NCNZ.

Meanwhile, registered nurses from Australia who wish to practice their professions in New Zealand will have a different process.

What are the steps of the NCNZ licensure exam for Foreign nurses (non-Australian)?

The following steps compose up the typical NCNZ licensing exam process for foreign nurses (non-Australian):

STEP 1:  Credential Verification Service Phase

This phase involves the evaluation of the candidates’ documents equivalence in terms of New Zealand nursing standards.

STEP 2: Report Forwarding

The NCNZ will need to receive the CVS report before the foreign-educated applicant can advance to the next stage.

STEP 3: Application for the Nursing Council

Foreign-educated nurses must meet Nursing Council standards and show competence to practice in New Zealand before they are allowed to work as registered nurses in NZ. Also at this stage, completion of the remaining requirements will be submitted to the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

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