Refund Policy

*'Approval Guaranteed or Money Back' (Refund) Policy: If a related institution rejects for ANY reason OTHER than credential evaluation, accreditation, not authentic supporting documents, and NEAC's follow ups with the related institution but can't resolve the problem within 90 days then NEAC guarantees to return the total amount of ‘Application Fees and the NEAC Service Fee’ collected to the applicant within 30 days. A letter from Board of Nursing or related institutions stating missing document or incomplete application does not mean your application has been rejected and is not ground for a refund. Due to up to 1-year processing time of some Boards of Nursing, NEAC should be allowed 1 year to secure a eligibility upon completion of all required documents by the applicant. If NEAC cannot secure the eligibility within 1 year then the applicant can avail a full refund. Unless you request in written to cancel your application to a Board, NEAC will continue processing your application. Board of Nursing or other related organizations have deadlines and NEAC tries hard to meet these deadlines; therefore, it is very important that the applicant follows NEAC's instructions and submits the documents required in timely manner. NEAC is not responsible for the applicant's failure to provide required documents and materials. Other fees collected are not refundable and are not included in this offer.