How does it work?

You will be assigned a promo code that you can share with your referral, giving your referral a P500 discount for NEAC services and another P500 referral bonus to you once they sign up. The more referrals you submit, the more chances you have of making extra income. Once you fill out the Reseller Form, a reseller account will be created for you to see the list of your referrals and those who signed up with NEAC services. Those who sign up for our services are required to enter a promo code to avail P500 discount. Therefore, you can be assured that your referrals will enter your promo code to avail of the discount. We pay the earned bonuses every 4th day of a month.


Promote our services online

Earn cash when your referrals sign up

Collect Cash

  • Need to Sign Up for a Reseller Account.
  • You can see a detailed report showing a status of your referrals.
  • One commission per applicant regardless the number of services they have availed.
  • The referred applicant must be a new applicant who never availed NEAC services before.

Notes: Reseller are not employees of NEAC and are not entitled to any benefits there is no contractual relationship.