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2022 - CFO Philippines Awards the Founder, Dr. Elbe Akman for Revolutionizing the Medical Licensing and Exams Application Process for International Applicants by Centralizing it

    All hard work paid off when the office of the CFO (Commission on Filipino Overseas) awarded NEAC Founder, Dr. Elbe Akman, a Certificate of Appreciation for his contributions to the medical licensing field since 2002. Dr. Elbe Akman revolutionized the Medical Licensing Exams Application process for international applicants by centralizing it for many countries; by offering a one-stop application assistance center with consultancy and processing services, making the process a hassle-free one which also prevented delays, rejections, and financial losses. NEAC is the pioneer in providing these services to international applicants world wide. 

    2022 - Netizens best choice awards - Best Choice Innovative Professional Medical Application Services Provider.

    2018 - Best Professional Healthcare Support Services



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