NEAC’s Unparalleled Commitment to Medical Licensing: A Benchmark Licensing Assistance Services

For aspiring nurses and medical professionals, passing the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) and other medical exams is a pivotal step in their careers. However, the journey doesn't just involve preparation for the exam but also includes navigating through the complex licensing process of applications for credential evaluations, eligibility, authorization to test and scheduling and post-exam procedures. This is where the role of NEAC becomes crucial.

As the first in the world to centralize NCLEX and other medical licensing exams application processes back in late 2006, NEAC has been continuously setting the standards of what it means to support the journey of future medical professionals, making it a true partner in the quest for excellence in healthcare. Let’s talk about why NEAC is a benchmark for others in the industry in handling applicants' needs that go beyond mere processing.

Who Truly Cares?

Historically, medical professionals faced the arduous task of individually applying for exams, a process that was both time-intensive and prone to errors. These mistakes often resulted in significant delays and, in some cases, the outright rejection of their applications. In 2003, Dr. Elbe Akman, who was actively involved in recruiting Filipino nurses to work in the United States, observed this challenging scenario. He was particularly struck by the difficulties nurses encountered due to the decentralized system across 50 states and felt compelled to assist.

This situation drove Dr. Akman to thoroughly investigate and document these issues as part of his doctoral thesis. Motivated by his findings, Dr. Akman took the initiative to transform his academic study into practical action. He introduced a centralized method for managing medical exam applications through consultancy and processing services. Initially named the NCLEX Application Processing Center (NAPC), this innovative approach was later rebranded as NEAC. This development marked a significant milestone in streamlining the application process for medical professionals.

NEAC’s centralized approach to handling applications significantly simplifies the process for international applicants. Centralization, in this context, means enabling applicants to start their NCLEX application from one center, by providing requirements and qualifications information for all licensing stages, such as Eligibility, Credential Evaluation, Authorization to Test and Scheduling, etc., for all 50 states and territories of the United States.  Their services include sending payments to pertinent institutions such as the U.S. Boards of Nursing, CGFNS, Pearson Vue, etc. This approach minimizes the likelihood of errors, streamlines communication, and ensures consistency in the processing of applications. This has also reduced the workload of the Boards of Nursing and increased the processing speed when they receive well-organized and correctly completed applications, which didn't require long back-and-forth mailing, emailing, and phone calls to rectify issues due to incorrect or incomplete documents.

Before NEAC’s establishment, medical professionals were often directed to popular states for career advancement, which caused an imbalance in the distribution of nursing professionals. This phenomenon manifested as a pronounced surplus in states like California in the past and now in New York.

The model of centralized medical licensing assistance for foreign-educated applicants developed by NEAC has not only been pioneering but has also served as a blueprint for others to follow in the subsequent years after its creation. Nevertheless, the depth of commitment and foresight that NEAC exhibits towards medical professionals remains unparalleled.

Thus, considering how NEAC was built with compassion at its core, it is implausible to view any applicant merely as a statistical entity. Dr. Akman: "For every person who approaches us, we see a medical professional with dreams to be actualized. How can one perceive each applicant distinctively when they represent individuals with purposeful lives, equipped with skills that transcend borders and possess the potential to save numerous lives?"

These, above, are the answers to the question, “Who truly cares about the applicants?” To empathize with the struggles of Filipino nurses, caught in a cycle of inefficient and costly licensing processes. One didn’t need to become a medical professional to understand the agony of sympathizing with Filipino nurses who were going back and forth, wasting effort and money during the process. It only needed a heart. Moreover, one does not need to be in the medical field to conceive a service idea for making the licensing application process more efficient. On the contrary, it requires someone who is an expert in building business processes to streamline the licensing application process. It only took a few months for a man who came 13,000 km away to realize how much the applicants were in dire need of a solution, while no one cared for decades. That man is the founder of NEAC and the pioneer of medical licensing assistance services. Now, as the CEO, he and his team are committed to ensuring that all their applicants receive excellent service. As NEAC always emphasizes: 'We truly care!', NEAC has demonstrated its commitment for almost two decades, consistently aligning actions with words.