10 Myths that you need to stop believing on how to apply for NCLEX!

10 Myths that you NEED to STOP believing about how to apply NCLEX

Learning how the NCLEX application process works for internationally educated nurses and setting yourself up with a game plan for passing will decrease anxiety and increase preparedness.

And as our special treat, we will reveal and address the top 10 most common NCLEX application related MYTHS and MISCONCEPTIONS you need to be aware of!


MYTH #1: All States in the US require international candidates to have a license in their country of education.

FACT: An international candidate can process the NCLEX application even without passing the local licensure examination. Some states in the US do not require a local license as long as they meet all other requirements by the candidate’s preferred BON or Board of Nursing).

MYTH #2: A candidate must pass the English Exam first before they are eligible to take the NCLEX.

FACT: Not all states in the US require English Exam before taking the NCLEX as each state in the US has different sets of NCLEX processes, requirements, qualifications, and fees.

MYTH #3: All NCLEX passers will automatically receive their Candidate Report from their respective BON.

FACT: Not all NCLEX passers will automatically receive their Candidate Report since some states in the US require the candidate to request their candidate report to the BON.

MYTH #4: All States in the US require candidates to undergo the fingerprinting process or Criminal Background Check prior to taking the NCLEX.

FACT: The Criminal background check or fingerprinting process is not required nor a prerequisite to some states in the US before taking the NCLEX.

MYTH #5:  A candidate can take the NCLEX exam as many times as he/she wants.

FACT: The number of times a candidate can sit for the Exam varies for each state. Most states have limitations when it comes to NCLEX testing. Some states limit the number of times a candidate can take NCLEX, other states have limited the period during which the candidate must pass NCLEX, and some states have both. Some states have no such restrictions as each state has different NCLEX processes, requirements, qualifications, and fees.

MYTH #6: ATT or Authorization to Test, regardless of the state, has a 90 day validity.

FACT: State boards vary in ATT validity dates (the average length of an ATT validity is 90 days). They will notify the candidate that they are eligible to take the exam and take their NCLEX within the validity dates indicated on their ATT.

MYTH #7: All states are members and participating in the Pearson vue Quick results service.

FACT: Some states do not participate in the Quick results service, and the candidate will wait for the board to email or mail their official exam result. 

MYTH #8: The NCLEX is easier in different states.

FACT: NCLEX is a nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States. No matter which state or testing site the candidate chose, everyone takes the same NCLEX test.

MYTH #9: NCLEX passers will automatically be issued a license by their respective BON

FACT: Some states in the US require a license application before issuing a candidate a license. For some states that require a license application, there are options for submitting that the candidate can choose. These include mail in or applying online (if the candidate has a Social Security Number).

MYTH #10: All RN and LPN/LVN applicants are eligible to apply for a multistate license.

FACT: The candidate must meet the uniform licensure requirements to be eligible for a multistate license in compact states. But candidates who do not meet the uniform licensure requirements for a multistate license may qualify for a single state license.

Now that most of the common NCLEX Application related MYTHS have been dispelled, you are now more prepared and can start your NCLEX application right away! 

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