4 Reasons why you should be a Certified Medical Coder now in the US

alt="4 Reasons why you should be a Certified Medical Coder now in the US">

There is no way to ignore the inevitable changes in medical coding brought about by technology and artificial intelligence.

It is something we've all heard before. At some point, technology does a job so simple that its original obligations become less difficult. When this occurs, the terrible reality is that the career gradually loses more responsibilities. Technology is advancing to the point where the business no longer needs a full-time employee.

As a result, technological developments are displacing workers. But Medical coding is different.

Medical coding needs a combination of human analytical skills, with or without the use of technology.

Do you think medical coding is on its way out? Definitely not! Learn why medical coding is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the healthcare industry in the United States, and why now is the best time to be a Certified Medical Coder in the US.

Is Medical Coding being phased out?

Medical coding is in great demand, that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks it as one of the top 20 fastest expanding occupations. 

By making more people eligible for medical care, the Affordable Care Act has helped to increase the demand for medical coders. Given that every patient visit by every healthcare provider needs record and coded documentation, medical coding is no surprise one of the most in-demand healthcare occupations.

Why are medical coders still needed today?

First, medical coding and billing are currently handled by software. However, qualified medical coders and billers are still required to input information and ensure its accuracy. The program accelerates the process.

The documentation of what is learned, decided, and performed is the basis of the healthcare revenue stream.

The diagnosis, test results, and treatment of a patient must be documented not only for reimbursement but also to ensure high-quality care in future visits. Personal health information for patients accompanies them through subsequent complaints and treatments and must be comprehended. It is especially significant given the hundreds of millions of visits, operations, and hospitalizations in the United States annually.

Why should you consider a career as a Medical Coder?

Medical coding and billing occupations offer steady employment opportunities. By becoming a certified medical coder, you take the first step toward a rewarding career in the healthcare business.

Medical coders, both certified and non-certified, earn an average of $53,051 per year. Medical billers and coders without certification earn around $41,543 per year, whereas certified coding and billing professionals earn an average annual compensation of $57,646 – 39% more than their non-certified colleagues. Medical Coder is open for 2 years and 4 years’ medical degrees. Other degree holders are required to take an additional 4 weeks’ medical terminology review.

Job stability influences the quality of life, which is why medical coding is a good job choice.

Where to get medical coding certification?

You can enroll in an online review program which takes about eight weeks. The online program also includes live coaching sessions to answer your questions and clear confusion about any topic. Once ready, a certification exam will be given composed of a 150-item multiple-choice part and a freestyle clinical part of 20 patient chart excerpts. Once you pass the exam, you can obtain the CPC certification. 

The passing rate for the Filipino exam takers after eight weeks of review is about 85%. If we include the second time takers who failed on the first try, this rate is close to 95%. There is no additional exam fee paid for taking the exam a second time if within a year.

Many of the professions available today will be obsolete within the next several years. Medical coding, on the other hand, does not fall under that group.

If you know someone thinking about becoming a medical coder, or if you are that person, remind them that it is not a dying profession.

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