5 Practical Ways to Pass Your OSCE

5 Practical Ways to Pass Your OSCE

Aside from challenging the Nurses' clinical skills and judgment, OSCE exam also challenges interpersonal and communication skills. It's undoubtedly an anxiety-inducing exam, as it is unpredictable and needs abilities that go far beyond clinical knowledge. Let's look at the methods that will assist aspiring nurses in improving their OSCE performance.

Rehearsal is a must

An OSCE scenario can be performed at home with your family and friends. It's most likely a performance like an actor in a play. Candidates are expected to do well on the OSCE if they keep rehearsing different station scenarios at home, which is an integral part of their preparation.

Take advantage of the reading time

Before entering each station in your OSCE, there is a period of reading time. The reading time is 2 minutes, in which the candidates are informed about the upcoming scenarios. It provides you with time to think about how you'll handle the situation depending on the information you've been given about the patient you'll be meeting.

Take a big breath during this moment. Allow all ideas of other stations to fade from your mind. The only thing that matters is the upcoming station.

Although two minutes may not seem like a lot of time to prepare, anything you choose to concentrate on can significantly impact your success in the OSCE.

Construct your introduction

The OSCE does not require advanced nursing abilities to pass. The situation you are given will not matter if you know the fundamentals of nursing or midwifery care. 

Memorize your opening spiel and make sure that it's clear and easily understood.

  • Greeting the patient
  • Introducing yourself to the patient
  • Checking their identity
  • Explain why you are there and what skill you are going to perform.
  • You have to gain consent. Once the patient agrees, wash your hands.

Manners are priceless.

Always be courteous, patient, and honest with your patients. Allow them to speak and pay close attention to them. At the end of the station, thank them and the examiner; after all, they have volunteered their time to assist you. Do not overlook these generic communication abilities because they can get you a substantial award.

Keep calm, be confident, and persevere.

Of course, reminding yourself that you are a nurse may help you feel more secure when preparing for an OSCE. Visualizing oneself on the wards and speaking with and counseling patients is beneficial to your exam preparation and mindset. Allowing panic to take over will only make things worse. Keep your cool, take a deep breath, and carry on as usual.

Prepare thoroughly and frequently, forget about past exams, take deep breaths, believe in your skills as a professional, rehearse your performance as if you were in a future play, and study OSCE recordings. Make these guidelines a priority, and you'll be well on your way to a high grade.

Godspeed for your upcoming OSCE — you can do it!

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