6 Smart strategies on how to successfully pass the NCLEX on your next shot

6 Smart strategies on how to successfully pass the NCLEX on your next shot blog

The NCLEX is a challenging exam with up to 145 questions meant to assess test-takers' ability to deal successfully with situations that nurses face on the job. Some NCLEX exam takers are ecstatic about their results, while others are downhearted about it. Based on the 2021 NCLEX report released by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Inc., around 68.58% of internationally educated nurses did not successfully ace the exam for the first time. This news can be overwhelming and emotional, but you must remember that this is only a setback and does not mean you have lost all hope of achieving your #USRNDream. Remember, you completed your nursing degree, passed your local board exam, and you still have plenty of chances to pass the NCLEX.

This blog will help you get back into the game and prepare you to pass the NCLEX on your next attempt.

#1 Have the courage to take the NCLEX again.

There are numerous approaches once you did not successfully pass the NCLEX, but the first step is acknowledging that you may only be experiencing NCLEX burnout. It's simply a blip on the radar, and you can certainly bounce back.

#2 Analyze your NCLEX result.

Candidates need to recognize their exam lapses by checking their NCLEX Candidate Performance Report or CPR. The CPR is a unique document that shows how a candidate performed on the exam. You can utilize CPR as a study guide to prepare for a retake. After you've figured out your lapses, consider what you can do differently on your next NCLEX attempt to change the outcome.

#3 Make preparations to pass the NCLEX the next time.

After analyzing your NCLEX result, it's time to put what you've learned into practice. To begin, jot down as many of the items from the first exam that you can recall and all other NCLEX rn notes. These could include inquiries about lab results, obstetrics, cardiology, or time management.

Spend time examining content material about a subject where you feel inadequate. NCLEX experts recommend that you answer 50 questions every day, with a particular focus on your areas of weakness, and answer at least 150 to 250 questions every day regardless of other surrounding variables.

#4 Review your choices for the best NCLEX preparation course.

When studying for your exam, ignore what everyone is doing and go with what looks good for you. Read reviews, find out what the course entails, and make your decision based on your judgment. Later on, you'll thank yourself for it.

It's a good idea to use credible courses that offer the best NCLEX practice exam to prepare for it thoroughly.

#5 Try out different NCLEX study methods and preparation.

The days were over when all you had to study for the NCLEX were books and maybe some online review courses. You can participate in online study groups, listen to motivational podcasts, and even use the NCLEX prep course online. See what study methods that work best for you that can help you get back on your feet.

#6 Always be optimistic

Regardless of how long you've spent studying, the essential piece of advice any nurse can give is to be positive and expect to pass. Not passing the NCLEX on the first attempt has no bearing on one's future nursing profession. After failure, it's important not to fall into a cycle of depression or self-doubt.

Don't give up the fight. Remember, you made it through nursing school. Therefore you've got what it takes to pass the state boards and get your nursing license. So pull yourself up and pursue your #USRNDream. 

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