8 Frequently asked SCFHS exam questions | Saudi Licensing Examination

8 Frequently asked SCFHS exam questions | Saudi Licensing Examination

Are you getting ready to take your SCFHS licensing exam? Don't worry. We've got you covered! With this blog, we'll help you learn more about the SCFHS exam and discuss other necessary information that you need to know first before taking it.

1. What does SCFHS mean?

SCFHS stands for Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. It is the governing body that deals with health-related rules and regulations for the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties Saudi Licensing Examination is a nationwide examination for healthcare professional licensing. The SCFHS is in charge of administering this exam, issuing professional classification and registration cards, and overseeing the country's overall health system.

2. What is the SCFHS examination and its purpose?

The exam's purpose is to allow SCFHS to evaluate your knowledge, skills, and ability in your chosen medical specialty. The SCFHS made the exam mandatory to ensure that their healthcare candidates receive efficient and high-quality patient care. Furthermore, the requirement of examination ensures that healthcare professionals are competent and knowledgeable enough to practice. It's easier for health authorities to provide adequate healthcare facilities to their patients through this.

3. What are the general examination rules for the SCFHS examination?

  • The exam will be available as computer-based tests at specific times and locations designated by the SCFHS throughout the year.
  • To obtain a passing score, all eligible healthcare candidates may take the exam up to 3 times in one calendar year, beginning with the first attempt.

4. What is the format or test structure of the SCFHS examination?

  • The format includes at least 100 to 300 questions to answer depending on the exam title.
  • According to the test blueprint, the examination will include K1 cognitive level questions (recall and comprehension) and K2, which will be delivered as questions with scenarios (interpretation, analysis, decision making, reasoning, and problem-solving).
  • The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties exam questions will include anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavioral science. These questions are based on the basic science underpins health care and will account for up to 20% of the exam.

5. What are the SCFHS examination test regulations?

  • For the Licensing exams, SCFHS will use an evidence-based scientific method supported by published literature to determine the cut score.
  • Each training center has the option of determining the percentage of exam results required for admission to their residency training program.
  • Based on the approved examination blueprint, each candidate's examination results will be issued, along with a section score report as feedback.

6. What is the validity of the SCFHS exam once it has been passed?

  • A passing grade entitles a healthcare professional to apply to work as a health professional practitioner under the registration and classification guide.
  • A passing grade entitles a healthcare professional to apply for Saudi Board residency programs within five years of the passing date; after that, the licensing examination must be retaken, and the above rules will reapply.

7. What is the difference between taking your SCFHS exam inside versus outside Saudi Arabia?

The cost of taking the exam varies depending on where you take it. Otherwise, there is no difference. And the content of the exams is the same everywhere.

8. How to apply for the SCFHS exam in Saudi Arabia?

The SCFHS exam application process for foreign healthcare professionals typically includes different stages. Learn some of the more advanced details about the SCFHS exam application process to help you achieve your goal of working as a healthcare professional in Saudi Arabia. 

We hope our list of frequently asked SCFHS exam questions guide inspires you to take the SCFHS exam confidently and pursue a healthcare career in Saudi Arabia. But, before you do anything else, you should also think about registering for the SCFHS exam.

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