Today, medical professionals are now on mainstream for the growing economy of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. which leads to a tremendous growth for their need for healthcare assistance. One of the drivers of this expansion is the population growth they are currently experiencing in UAE. Based from the study of World Bank, the U.A.E.'s population is expected to grow from 9.4 million people in mid-2017 to 11.06 million by 2030. Aside from that, the aging population in U.A.E. is also expected to increase more than a half from 1.1% percent at present to 4.4% by year 2030. This factor made a major challenge for them and that is on how to educate and as well recruit qualified healthcare professionals for their city.

This situation tends foreign healthcare professionals to grasp these opportunities across a vast spectrum. Aside from that, foreign healthcare professionals were enticed by the benefits they can take possession once they work in Abu Dhabi. Most Healthcare professionals in U.A.E. often receives transportation or travel allowances, mandatory health insurance, and subsidized furnished housing from their respective employers.

But still, there's no escaping the fact that salary is still the pinnacle of the discussion why we accept the job. In accordinance to this, if you are a healthcare professional who's planning to work as a foreign -trained expatriate and wants to grab all the life-changing opportunities that Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. has to offer then here's great news to all of you! We jot down the 5 most paid healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi as reference based from the U.S.-U.A.E. Business Council under Healthcare Sector:

#5 Nurses

U.A.E., especially in Abu Dhabi, is now experiencing a serious nursing shortage. Based from the World Health Organization's 2015 World Statistics Report, they only had 31 nursing personnels for every 100,000 people in U.A.E. that lead to various opportunities for foreign nurses. At present, Abu Dhabi offers an annual median salary of AED 99,560 or PHP. 1,493,400 for qualified nurses.

#4 Medical Technologist

Fourth on our list is Medical Technlogist also known as clinical laboratory scientists. The median salary for medical technologist is AED 117,968 or PHP 1,769,520 per year. The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH), formerly known as Health Authority – Abu Dhabi found out last 2014 that Abu Dhabi is experiencing shortfall for specialists healthcare workers especially for Medical Technologists.


#3 Radiologic Technologist

Meanwhile, the 3rd highest paid healthcare professional in Abu Dhabi is Radiologic Technologists with AED 120,000 or PHP 1,800,000 annual median salary. One of the smallest numbers of healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi are Radiologic Technologists since they now have a huge expansion due to healthcare growth. Abu Dhabi is expecting to increase the number in double by 2030.

#2 Respiratory Therapist

Abu Dhabi offers an annual median salary of AED 201,784 or PHP 3,026,760 for Respiratory Therapist. The number of hospitals grew to 60 last 2017. The emirate had a remarkable increase in the number of healthcare facilities that require more Respiratory Therapists in Abu Dhabi.

#1 Doctors/Physicians

The highest paid healthcare profession in Abu Dhabi are doctors or physicians. Based from the Statistical Yearbook of Abu Dhabi, last 2017 Abu Dhabi have a ratio of 3.3 physicians per 1,000 population which also signifies their need for doctors or physicians and offers an annual median salary of AED 433,881 or PHP 6,508,215.


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