After passing the NCLEX exam, what’s next? — In-depth guide for aspiring USRNs

After passing the NCLEX exam, what’s next? — In-depth guide for aspiring USRNs

Great job! You are now one step closer to achieving your #AmericanDream. The hard work you put into studying for your nursing degree and preparing for your NCLEX exam has finally paid off. 

Now that you can finally get rid of your NCLEX textbooks, flashcards, study and review app guides. It's time to focus on putting all of your knowledge and expertise to work by practicing with your new initials as a USRN.

But the question here is, after NCLEX, what’s next? Being a US Registered Nurse is a significant achievement and your ticket to the American dream, but it doesn't end there; you still need to handle what comes next and what you will expect being a USRN. 

In this section, we'll help you navigate how to get started on the right foot to make sure you're set up to succeed in your new career as a Foreign Registered Nurse in the US.

Ace your English Exam

The English exam is a standardized language test used to determine proficiency for non-native English speakers interested in living, working, or studying in an English-speaking country. The following English language examinations must be passed by registered nurses who have already passed the NCLEX but have not yet taken the English exam. These exams are: (1) Cambridge English (2) IELTS (3) MET (4) OET (5) Pearson PTE Academic (6) TOEFL iBT or (7) TOEIC.

Process your Visa screen application

Healthcare professionals who wish to work in the United States must first get a permanent or occupational visa by processing their Visa Screen application. As required by federal law, candidates for Visa  Screen must demonstrate oral and written English language proficiency. Each healthcare profession has different English proficiency requirements, which must be met by achieving an acceptable score based on CGFNS standards.

It can be intimidating to look for the requirements for the Visa Screen certification and other credentials, especially for foreign nurses who are unfamiliar with or have no understanding of how to apply for the Visa Screen certification. But don't worry. Here is a complete guide that can help you know more about the Visa Screen application.

Continue applying to different USRN job openings in the Philippines and overseas

Take your selection, whether it's a direct-to-US job, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Canada, or USRN Case Managerial posts in the country, and apply to as many RN openings as you can.

Now that you are licensed you will have more leverage when you negotiate with the placement agencies and pay less or none because there is competition among recruitment agencies to find internationally licensed medical professionals.

Work more on your credentials

Don't hesitate to invest more in your credentials and join seminars or reach-out programs to ensure you're one step ahead of the game. Nurses who have completed this are either currently working in the United States or on their way there.

Keep your hospital or clinical experience going

Not all states in the US require work experience, but the sooner you can get longer experience working in a hospital or clinical setting, the better.

Make sure your USRN license is always up to date

Keep in mind that your URSN license will expire after a specific amount of time, and you must be attentive to renew it before it expires. Plus, make sure that you meet or comply with all the requirements for your USRN license renewal.

Wait patiently for the fruits of your labor

You will receive an email or a phone call from recruiters and companies if you believe you are qualified and have worked hard to be a candidate to die for. As you may know, being an NCLEX passer with adequate experience and certifications has made you a desirable job candidate.

You've made it through nursing school and passed the NCLEX exam. You can also work as a registered nurse in the US soon. 

Planning something for the time immediately after you take your NCLEX is an incredible opportunity, as being a USRN can give you endless possibilities in the future. We hope this in-depth guide helps you succeed in your new career as a foreign registered nurse in the US.

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