3 Things you should know before processing your Dataflow application


What is Dataflow?

Dataflow is the leading global provider of specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions to assist public and private sectors to mitigate the potential risk of exposing fraud.

Various licensing authorities such as the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority, Saudi Council for Health Specialties, Oman Medical Specialty Board, Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners, and the Ministry of Health UAE leverages the Dataflow specialized PSV services. It's to verify the professional credentials of healthcare professionals who are planning to work or even currently working in the said country of each licensing authority.

What is Dataflow Report?

It is a written report released by the Dataflow Group as the result of the checking of the authenticated documents of foreign professionals who want to work in another country other than their own.

There are two Dataflow status results, either DHA Dataflow status or any other licensing authorities that require Dataflow. Only positive or negative status results may be indicated on a candidates' Dataflow report. The positive result showed that the candidates' professional credentials were authenticated. In contrast, the negative result manifested that the candidates' credentials were not authentic or the institution's contact details they submitted for verification were inaccessible. Reverification of the candidates' Dataflow report is possible for those reports that were resulted in negative.

The result of the candidates' Dataflow Report is a standard indication of whether they were qualified according to the screening made by the Dataflow Group and the licensing authority.

Importance of an Application Center to assist your Dataflow Report

”How to process Dataflow?” this is the common question healthcare professionals tend to ask when they are planning to process their Dataflow Report.

The Dataflow Group is assisting more than 100,000 issuing authorities throughout more than 200 countries and each Licensing Authority has a different set of regulations, qualifications, and fees - these factors may cause confusion to the candidates which can also lead to delays, financial losses, and rejections on their application.

A specialized exam application like NEAC Medical Exams Application can help medical professionals process their Dataflow Report to various licensing authorities in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and all the Emirates in the UAE, with NEAC you can indulge with various perks such as:

  • Easy and Fast Dataflow Application Process
    NEAC, as the leading and specialized exam application and international licensing assistance center, has a team of expert licensing consultants and a quality assurance team who assists applicants with application preparations including dataflow and multi-level proof checking of the candidates’ documents to prevent any mistakes on the application that may cause delays in their application process.
  • Fast follow-ups
    NEAC already established strong relationships with the Licensing Authorities which helps NEAC to solve any issues that may arise promptly with them. At the same time, each candidate under NEAC has a dedicated log-in account in which they can track the progress of their Dataflow application 24/7 online. Daily and weekly status updates are usually given via email to the candidates to keep them updated regarding the status of their Dataflow Application.
  • Credit card and other payment assistance for International Exam fee transfers
    Most Licensing Authorities prefer to receive payments via credit card for the Dataflow process. With NEAC, candidates don’t need to worry about the mode of payment because transferring the required application fees to the authorities is part of NEAC services.

For HAAD, DHA, OMSB, MOPH, SCFHS, MOH, and NHRA DataFlow Application assistance, you can email us at neac@medexamcenter.com

Or live Chat with our experts online, they will answer your questions.

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  • if I have experience letter not verified as a result of shutdown of facility( health ), is it possible to add another facility where you worked as well.

    zulfiqar ali

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