Empowering Healthcare and Economy: The Remarkable Impact of Immigrant Nurses in the US

Empowering Healthcare and Economy: The Remarkable Impact of Immigrant Nurses in the US

In Philadelphia, according to a report from CGFNS International, a global leader in
credentials evaluation services that support health worker mobility, immigrant nurses are estimated to spend well over $46 billion annually in the US economy while providing hundreds of millions more in financial support to family members back home.

The Economics of Nurse Migration report is based on a survey of over 1,500 foreign-educated nurses who employed the organization's credentials verification services to ease their migration to the United States. The findings provide insight into the economic experiences and impacts of nurse immigrants working in the United States and the motivations for their movement.

“This report quantifies the financial costs and sacrifices associated with nurse migration while highlighting the substantial contributions that immigrant nurses make to host countries and the economies of both the host and sending nations,” said Dr. Peter Preziosi, CGFNS International’s President and CEO.

According to the poll, the primary reasons nurses reported for migrating were largely balanced across three significant drivers: family (31%), professional (29%), and economic (25%). In terms of economic impact, the survey results revealed:

The average wage for respondents was $65,700 within the first three years of arrival and $71,800 overall, compared to $89,000 for licensed nurses in the United States. A quarter of those polled said they earned more than $90,000 each year.

Immigrant nurses reported spending 60% of their salary in their communities on housing, essentials, and local shopping, with the remaining 25% on taxes.

Two-thirds (66%) send money home to friends and family regularly, accounting for around 5% of their total spending—44% of those who sent money reported sending home more than 10% of their monthly salary.

Extrapolating from other data showing 688,000 immigrants in the US nursing workforce of more than 4.3 million, the CGFNS report estimates that after sending $1.6 billion in remittances to the communities they left, immigrant nurses spend at least $46.9 billion annually in the US economy.

About half (52%) of nurse immigrants said they used a recruiter to help them with their immigration procedure. When the sample is restricted to individuals who migrated during the last three years, that number jumps to 79%.

Fifty-two percent of poll respondents who utilized a recruitment firm chose a Certified Ethical Recruiter (CER), a certification awarded to firms that agree to further scrutiny by CGFNS's Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices and adhere to its ethical standards.

“By illuminating these essential aspects of nurse migration to the United States, we aim to provide policymakers, healthcare leaders, and stakeholders with a comprehensive perspective that transcends mere statistics and embraces the inherent value of immigrant nurses to both America’s health systems and economy,” said Preziosi.


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