5 factors you should consider before taking your NCLEX exam!


5 FACTORS you should CONSIDER before taking your NCLEX

The road to qualifying your preferred state for NCLEX is not easy, especially for foreign-educated nurses. There are more than 50 state boards of nursing. Each has different sets of requirements, qualifications, processes of NCLEX registration, and NCLEX exam fees, and this confusing and decentralized NCLEX exam application process can lead to mistakes, delays, rejections, frustrations, and regrets.

But don't worry! We will give you some hints about the initial application phase with this content, choosing which state to apply for. Here are some factors to consider at this phase:

(1) R.N. License Holder

Applying for the NCLEX exam doesn't mean a candidate must be an RN license holder from the candidate's country of education as some states in the US do not require any local license as long as the candidate completed an RN bachelor's degree.

(2) English Exam

Some states in the US require foreign-educated nurses to demonstrate their proficiency with the English language by taking an exam such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

(3) Social Security Number 

Also known as SSN, it is a 9-digit numerical identifier that the US government issues to all US Citizens and qualified US residents who apply for one. If an international candidate wants to apply for a particular state that requires a Social Security Number (SSN), the candidate must have this requirement to be approved. Some states in the US require foreign-educated nurses to provide SSN when applying for the NCLEX exam application. The majority of the states in the US don't require SSN to be eligible to apply for the NCLEX application.

(4) Credential evaluation requirement

For Foreign educated nurses, some States require a Credential evaluation requirement. This phase will have the candidate's academic and professional credentials evaluated to ensure that the candidates' documents are authentic and attain comparable US nursing standards. This requirement provides a detailed analysis of the credentials earned of the candidate's nursing education received outside the United States according to a state's requirements.

(5) Work Experience

This factor needs to be considered before taking the NCLEX exam, especially when the candidate chooses the state they want to apply for. Some states in the US require specific work experience as a Registered Nurse.

Now that you know most of the factors you need to consider before taking the NCLEX, you are now more prepared and can start your NCLEX application right away! But always remember, processing your NCLEX doesn't need to be difficult, as NEAC is here to help you achieve your USRN Dream with zero hassle!

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