Getting Smart with NEAC: NCLEX Application - Expectation vs. Reality

Getting Smart with NEAC: NCLEX Application - Expectation vs. Reality

Let's first distinguish between expectations and reality.

Our expectations of life and reality are distinct.  Expectations are what we believe is likely to happen.  The reality, however, is what is actually happening.

How do expectations affect us?

It's simple to set expectations. We make use of every opportunity to achieve the best possible result. These expectations will influence our ideas, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs. When we are afraid of or thrilled about something, we form expectations based on our feelings and thoughts.

In this context, we'll discuss the expectation vs. reality of taking the NCLEX Exam Application.

1. Expectation: All foreign educated nurses must hold SSN for them to be able to take NCLEX

Reality: Not all states in the US require SSN.

If you want to check the list of states that do not require SSN for NCLEX, then click this link to read more.

2. Expectation: You must complete all the needed requirements before starting your NCLEX Application.

Reality: It varies depending on the state and which phase. Furthermore, if the requirements are not complete, it could also affect the processing time.

3. Expectation: All states in the US require an English Exam.

Reality: Not all states in the US require an English Exam.

4. Expectation: You must have an Employer first before taking the NCLEX.

Reality: Candidates can still take the NCLEX exam even though they don't have an employer yet. It's best to pass the NCLEX first and become a USRN before looking for an employer since most employers prefer candidates who already hold a USRN license.

5. Expectation: All foreign educated nurses must undergo CES Application.

Reality: Not all states need to undergo CES Applications.

6. Expectation: Once the applicant fails the exam, they will start from the very beginning once they want to retake the exam from the same state.

Reality: Some states do not require applicants to repeat all the application steps to take the exam.

7. Expectation: You must have clinical work experience for you to take the NCLEX

Reality: Not all states require work experience.

Anyways, expectations and imaginations are what keep us hopeful and enthusiastic throughout this journey of life. However, many expectations like studying and taking exams together will never turn into reality but hoping to expect more and fulfill even more.

After reading the NCLEX Exam Application: Expectation vs. Reality, we hope that you will be able to decide what is the best thing to do before taking the NCLEX Exam and that you will be able to start your USRN career in your desired state.

It doesn't have to be tough to prepare for the NCLEX application, as NEAC is here to help you achieve your USRN Dream. NEAC is an innovative pioneer medical exams application center that offers fast and easy NCLEX exam applications. Besides preventing financial losses and delays that may cause rejection of your application, it does all the work for your NCLEX application at the best price.

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