RN QUICK GUIDE: FACTS about the DOH-Abu Dhabi EXAM that you SHOULD not MISS!

The Health Authority of Abu-Dhabi (HAAD) now known as the Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH-Abu Dhabi) is an authorized regulatory body of the Healthcare Sector.

Now the DOH is facing a huge health care shortage as the U.A.E.’s population is expected to increase from 9.4 million people in mid-2017 to 11.06 million by 2030 based from the study of World Bank. This approaching situation made the Emirate to hire more health care professionals in or outside the parameter of the U.A.E.

For over decades, the DOH-Abu Dhabi examination has been required to be taken by local and foreign medical professionals who wants to work in Abu-Dhabi, this exam is a prerequisite for an individual to gain his or her license.

With the huge demand for medical professionals in U.A.E. lots of foreign expats now has the urge to apply for the DOH-Abu Dhabi Exam but not well informed about it. We will share 7 important FACTS to give you a better idea about the DOH-Abu Dhabi exam application!

#1 All Medical professionals are catered for the DOH-Abu Dhabi Application

All Medical professionals can apply to the DOH Application, as long you met all the requirements and qualifications needed for the exam application, then you can definitely seat for the examination and once passed you can obtain your medical license under your employer in Abu Dhabi. NEAC consultants can assist you to find out if you are qualified.

#2 DOH-Abu Dhabi Application can be processed online

You don’t have to visit U.A.E. and apply personally to the licensing authority just to process your exam application for DOH-Abu Dhabi. Application for this exam is possible via online and NEAC has assisted tens of thousands of medical professionals with the application process.

#3 DOH-Abu Dhabi application fees are much cheaper compared to other Middle East exam applications

The over-all application and service fees for the DOH exam application is more of less $554.00 depending on the daily exchange rate while other exam application for DHA, SCFHS, OMSB, QCHP and MOH-UAE fees were roughly in the range of $570.00 to $970.00 depending on the type of exam application an individual will chose for Middle East Licensure exams.

#4 Various testing sites for DOH-Abu Dhabi exam is available internationally

Pearson VUE has different test centers internationally. Applicants from various countries around the world will be able to register, schedule and sit for the exams in their home countries or the nearest testing site available for examination.

#5 Exam retakes are possible for DOH-Abu Dhabi exam

Like other exams, retakes are possible for DOH-Abu Dhabi exam. But an applicant subject for exam retake must take certain steps to be eligible again to take the examination. We are here to assist you with these steps in case you need to retake the exam.

#6 DOH-Abu Dhabi DataFlow report can be transferred to other Licensing Authority

DOH-Abu Dhabi DataFlow report is possible to transfer and reciprocate to other Middle East licensure application such as DHA, OMSB, QCHP and MOH-UAE DataFlow reports and even vice-versa. If an applicant already has a DataFlow report issued to the stated exam application above, then it can be processed along with the accounts and proof of documents of the applicants’ DataFlow report.

#7 USRNs’ and ASCPi with an active license can apply for DOH-Abu Dhabi examination exemption

Yes! You read it right! USRNs’ and ASCPi with an active license (not expired or lapsed) is eligible for the DOH exam exemption. Once your DOH-Abu Dhabi exam exemption is approved, then your new employer can link your application to the DOH-Abu Dhabi regulatory body for your license issuance.

TAKE NOTE: You will have more leverage than the other medical professionals who are seeking to be employed overseas once you passed these stages.  Because employers are looking for applicants who are already passers and the same time you will also have the upper hand to negotiate your terms with the agencies and pay less placement fee or other fees etc.

Foreign health care professionals who want to pursue their career in Abu Dhabi are required by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi to meet relevant qualifications and licensing requirements. To know if you are qualified for the DOH-Abu Dhabi exam,  you can email us at neac@medexamcenter.com or click the button below to learn more!


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