How to achieve your USRN goals? | Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses

How to achieve your USRN goals? | Guide for Foreign-Educated Nurses

Have you ever thought about working in the United States? If so, you've come to the right place. Learn how to fulfill your American dream step by step by reading ahead.

This appears to be one of the most sought-after countries for many Foreign Educated nurses to work in as the US registered nurses.

But for some, the procedure might be challenging. Some people are unsure about how to even begin. Here are the actions one must take to fulfill the #AmericanDream aim to help you see things clearly.

Step 1: Take your NCLEX

The NCLEX is your ticket to being able to work as a nurse in the United States. Obtaining your US RN license is possible after passing the NCLEX. The RN license in the United States of America, technically. You only need to pass one NCLEX to be able to later have your license extended to any other US state. Unless it is suspended, your US license is good for life. Your license is simply up for renewal. Some may last three years, while others may only last two.

The USA is divided into 50 states. So, which state do I need to select? Select the state that is the easiest to apply with and the most recommended. Since each state has different eligibility standards, check with NEAC and see which state you may be eligible for.


Step 2: Look for a Recruitment agency

The next thing you can do after passing the NCLEX is looking for a recruitment or manpower agency you might like to apply with. It's either a direct hiring recruitment agency with headquarters in the USA or local hiring recruiting agency with headquarters in the Philippines. Apply to a reliable employment agency while keeping an eye out for danger. Additionally, remember to conduct your study. To your knowledge, if you are applying for an EB3 visa or an immigrant US visa for nurses, some local employment agencies won't charge you a placement fee. Even those will provide a reimbursement for the NCLEX-related costs you incurred.

Step 3: Take your English Proficiency Exam

Do not fear your English Exam. Be it IELTS, TOEFL iBT, or other English language Tests accepted for your VisaScreen Application. We are confident you will easily pass it. If you need NEAC's help with the VisaScreen application, we will need your English Exam score to process your VisaScreen application.

Step 4: VisaScreen Certification

During your interview at the US Embassy, the VisaScreen Certificate will also be necessary. However, your VisaScreen certificate is valid for five years. If you pass the CGFNS Qualifying Exam, you can also obtain a VisaScreen certificate. However, if you choose to use the CGFNS Certificate, you must still have a valid English proficiency exam, IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC. In addition to the accepted English proficiency exam on August 1, 2022, the Michigan English Test (MET), Occupational English Test (OET), and Pearson Test of English (PTE) will take effect and be accepted.

You are now prepared! You fulfilled all the conditions that you had to in achieving your #USRNDream. All the paperwork you need to comply with will be coordinated with you by your recruitment agency. Although it is not an easy journey, we can guarantee you that it is worthwhile.

We hope this gives you the courage to begin your NCLEX Application and officially take action for your USRN Dream. In every step towards your USRN Dream, NEAC is here to help you. NEAC, your partner for easy medical exams application process.

For further inquiries about the requirements, qualifications, and fees for the NCLEX USA Application, get in touch with us and talk to one of our consultants through messenger or connect with us via email



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