NCLEX AUS Prep Guide: AHPRA Registration Renewal

NCLEX AUS Prep Guide: AHPRA Registration Renewal

According to the National Law, all registered health practitioners must renew their registration with their National Board annually. On behalf of National Boards, AHPRA manages the registration and renewal process.

In this blog, you will know the most common questions about the AHPRA Registration renewal.

What information is required at renewal?

The registered health practitioners must declare that they meet the registration standards at the renewal stage. Before disclosing your information, make sure you understand the National Board's standards, as you may be required to provide information to support your application.

When is the general, specialist, or non-practicing registration due for renewal?

The registration of general, specialist, or non-practicing health practitioners should watch for email reminders confirming that their profession's online renewal is now available.

When is the limited or provisional registration due for renewal?

On the anniversary of their first registration, health practitioners with provisional or limited registration renew their registration.

How many times can registered health practitioners Renew their provisional or limited registration?

Registered health practitioners can only renew their registration a limited number of times if they have provisional or limited registration.

How will registered health practitioners know if their registration has been renewed?

Registered health practitioners will receive an email confirming if their registration has been renewed or requires further assessment.

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