Things you must know before working in Canada as a Registered Nurse!

Things you must know before working in Canada as a Registered Nurse

Canada is now in the clasp of a nationwide nursing shortage. According to the CNA, Canada will need more than 60,000 full time equivalent (FTEs) Registered Nurses in the year 2022 to eradicate their nursing shortage.

One of the drivers of the insufficient number of nurses in Canada is the increasing number of baby boomers. According to reports released by Statistics Canada last 2011, 3 Canadians out of 10 were baby boomers and is expected to increase more over the years.

This Canada’s greatest health care challenge opened new doors of opportunities for foreign nursing professionals.

If you are planning to unlock new doors for international opportunities, then pursuing your nursing career in Canada can take giant leaps for you.

RNs in Canada and why did they choose Canada?

The full-time annual salary as a Registered Nurse in Canada ranges from $65,000 to $85,000 which is way higher than what is offered by other countries. At the same time, you as a health care provider can also have access to comprehensive health care insurance plans suitable for you. Health care is an important sector in Canada. They have the second-largest concentration of biotech companies globally and have one of the most advanced technologies for healthcare that can be a good training ground for expats medical professionals.

Canada is on top of the charts when it comes to settling as a nurse.It is the most sought-after place to migrate, especially for registered nurses with a high possibility of taping permanent residency options compared to other developed nations. More than 250,000 new foreign permanent residents in Canada each year have adapted easily to the country’s carefree lifestyle. For the scope of growth on a professional front, immigrants like healthcare professionals have an utmost priority over other skilled foreign workers, which makes it all the more favorable light for aspiring nurses in Canada.

Take a step forward and give yourself a promising career as an international nurse in Canada.

Your key to a successful nursing career is now in the hands of Canada. But first, to be eligible to work in Canada as a nurse, the candidate must demonstrate competency to practice, and education credentials must assess such as undergoing the process of NCLEX exam.

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