Why do you need a Processing Agency to apply for NCLEX?

The truth behind DIY NCLEX Application

Passing the NCLEX Exam certainly guarantees your way to achieve the USRN dream. Whilst the difficulties that one goes through preparing for it takes months of intense study and laborious practice, applying for the NCLEX exam is even harder. Take it from DIY applicants who have lost much of their time and money during the tedious and complicated process. If you haven't yet, here’s what you need to know.

Why do you need a Processing Agency to apply to NCLEX

The struggle is REAL, they say. From searching the most suitable NCLEX state that you qualify, checking the NCLEX Requirements by each state compatible to your work experience and other qualifications, researching about the NCLEX processing time and preparing for the NCLEX exam cost, can be overwhelming especially to foreign graduates who are not acquainted with or had no knowledge in applying for NCLEX. A mistake during the DIY application such as a wrong sequencing of the application process, incorrectly filled-up forms, sending the forms and documents to the wrong licensing authority and department, will cause you to repeat everything all over again as the Board will send back your rejected forms whilst, in some cases, the fees are forfeited. This is what makes the DIY NCLEX application risky because it carries a burden of financial losses, delays, and rejection of your application.

Why DIY when you can have an easy application through an NCLEX Application Processing Center like NEAC that will help you achieve your USRN Dream without the hassle.

NEAC Medical Exams Application Center Inc. is an NCLEX Application Processing Center; with headquarter in the Philippines, the renowned world's first international and the leading specialized medical exams application Center that provides fast and easy exam licensure application assistance to Foreign Healthcare Graduates from anywhere in the world for over 14 years since 2007, with more than 55,000 medical professionals licensed with their assistance.

NEACs pioneering best medical licensing application services include such as:

1. Consultancy services:
  • Each state in the US has different sets of requirements, qualifications, and processes for NCLEX. NEAC being present will help you determine the list of states you are qualified to take your NCLEX based on your level of education, work experience, career goals or objectives, processing time, and budget.

2. Expert assistance in complying the necessary requirements, filling out and sending your documents to your chosen board of nursing:

  • As there are different processes for each Board of Nursing, NEAC will assist you to determine the necessary requirements you need to comply, fill out all the related application forms on your behalf, as well as sending out your documents to the Authorized Institutions that will review your NCLEX application.

3. Avoid mistakes, delays, financial losses or rejection on your NCLEX application:

  • NEAC is composed of expert Licensing Consultants and Quality Assurance Officers who do multi level proof checking in your NCLEX RN application to prevent mistakes and delays that could eventually cause financial losses or rejection of your application.

4. Fast application follow-ups:

  • For more than a decade, NEAC had established a strong relationship with most Licensing Authorities and State Board of Nursing or SBON which helps NEAC promptly solve any issues that may arise during the application process. NEAC provides every applicant a dedicated log in account to track the progress of their NCLEX RN application online 24/7, frequent status updates via email.

5. Have more time to focus on your review & work while waiting for your exam approval:

  • While NEAC does all the complex NCLEX Processing applications for you, rest assured that you will have more time to concentrate on your review, work, and obtain other priorities while you prepare for your NCLEX test as you wait for the exam approval.

6. Credit card and other payment assistance for international exam fee transfers:

  • Most Licensing Authorities and State Board of Nursing or SBON prefer credit card payments for most of the NCLEX processing fees for the exam application while for some other phases you will need money drafts from a bank. NEAC takes care of the mode’s payments through different payment channels so that candidates don't need to worry.

7. NEAC offers the cheapest NCLEX assistance fees without hidden charges:

  • NEAC guarantees that you will receive the best quality of NCLEX application assistance for the best price without hidden charges. NEAC also offers price match policy, wherewith; if an inquiring applicant found a lower assistance fee from other NCLEX Processing Agencies, NEAC will match their price and provide the same assistance fees but providing a better quality service to its applicants with its unbeatable experience.

Before taking the necessary steps you need in order to achieve your USRN dream, always choose the best option worthy of your valuable time and money, an easy and fast NCLEX RN application processing service that more than 55,000 applicants benefited from.

If you’re interested to know about the NCLEX USA Exam Application, kindly email us at online@applynclex.com

Or live Chat with our experts online, they will answer your questions.

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  • Hi, I would like to inquire regarding the processing of nclex even if you’re living overseas. I’m a registered nurse from Philippines. Currently I am living in New Zealand & I want to take nclex exam. Could you help me on how to do it? Just let me know. Thanks.

    Marie Grace Nartea
  • Hi how much for the processing on my nclex application.

    Gel reyes
  • Hi I would like to know if you process NcLEX for California and would like to know it’s cost. Thank you

    Krystel kho

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