NCLEX Tips and Tricks: Ace your NCLEX on your first try

NCLEX Tips and Tricks: Ace your NCLEX on your first try

The NCLEX RN is the final huge step between you and your ultimate goal of becoming a registered nurse in the US. It's difficult to keep the anxiety at bay, but if you prepare adequately, you may be able to pass the NCLEX RN on your first attempt.

NCLEX is available all year in the United States and Canada. The state determines the nursing board that issues your first active RN license you select to take your test.

Do you want to ace the NCLEX exam the first time around?

In this section, we'll talk about tips and tricks for passing the NCLEX Exam for the first time that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a USRN real soon.

Trust your nurse's intuition

Use your nursing knowledge and logic to make an educated decision.

The night before the exam: unwind

Avoid studying in the morning before the exam and relax your mind.  Instead, take a relaxing shower, exercise, or meditate. Keep your mind in the present moment and don't allow it to drift into fear.

Positivity is essential.

The exam is complex, and you will need to study! During the exam, you may have times where you doubt everything from your knowledge to your future as a nurse. It's natural to be frustrated because this is a complicated exam. Anyone could be a nurse if it weren't so tricky. Believe in yourself and imagine yourself as a Registered Nurse. The last stage is to pass this test.

If you're unsure, there are a couple of tried-and-true NCLEX tips

When you're unclear about what to do, keep these reliable NCLEX tips in mind.

Remember your ABCs:

Airway, Breathing, and Circulation, and make your choices accordingly.

Don't just guess

Utilize your nursing knowledge and logic to make an informed decision, even if you're unsure.

Have faith in yourself.

Above all, have faith in yourself. You deserve passing, and you have already demonstrated your nursing potential by graduating from nursing school. Congratulations on completing the final stage in your exciting and new adventure to becoming a US Registered Nurse!

We hope that these tips and tricks boost your confidence and help you to keep your eyes on the prize.

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