NMBA 101: English Language requirements under NMBA standards

NMBA 101: English Language requirements under NMBA standards

You must meet several requirements before you can register as a nurse or midwife and immigrate to Australia. One of these requirements is English language proficiency.  

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia requires all candidates for initial registration to demonstrate proficiency in English.  

The English language skills registration standard became effective on March 1, 2019. All nurses and midwives seeking initial registration must meet this registration requirement, regardless of whether they qualified in Australia or overseas.

This registration standard outlines how an applicant can demonstrate to the Board that they have sufficient English speaking and communication skills to practice nursing and/or midwifery.

English Language Test

Candidates must obtain the needed minimum scores on one of the following English language tests and meet the test result conditions outlined in this standard:

  1. IELTS - International English Language Testing System
  2. OET - Occupational English Test
  3. PTE Academic - Pearson Test of English Academic
  4. TOEFL iBT - Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test

The candidates must be able to demonstrate that they meet the English Language standard in one sitting. On the other hand, National Boards will accept results from a maximum of two test sittings in six months period, as long as each sitting achieves specific minimum scores. These differ from one exam to another and are specified in the standard. It does not mean that you can only take the test twice in six months period; you can take it as many times as you want (although the testing authorities do not recommend this). However, the National Boards will only consider the results from two sittings.

Test Results

Candidates must demonstrate English Language competency to be considered for registration as a nurse and/or midwife. The result will be accepted for the English Language test if the candidate achieves the minimum score requirements and were taken within two years before the date you submit your application for registration.

Note: If more than 2 years before submitting the application, additional requirements will be required.

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