OMSB 101: What you Need to know about OMSB application

OMSB 101: What you Need to know about OMSB application
Updated on March 14, 2023

All local and foreign specialists interested in Oman's medical field must obtain professional certification and take the Oman Medical Specialty Board or OMSB exam. To get permission and practice in Oman, healthcare practitioners must pass the OMSB exam. 

Continue reading to learn more about OMSB licenses and requirements.

Who is required to have an OMSB License?

Everyone from Physicians to Technicians requires a license to practice in the medical field of the Emirates of Oman. 

  • Physicians (General / Specialist / Consultant)
  • Dentists (General / Specialist / Assistant)
  • Nurse / Midwife
  • All Allied Health Professionals

    OMSB license eligibility

    The eligibility criteria for the OMSB vary depending on the field of expertise. To obtain the license, you must pass the Prometric exam in your field of specialization with the required percentage. Following the examination, you must have your documentation confirmed to receive a license.

    OMSB Dataflow

    The OMSB dataflow, also known as the Primary Source Verification (PSV) application phase, is a highly reliable background screening process that includes rapid verification of a candidate's personal or professional credentials from the source that provided them. Depending on the candidate's occupation, the OMSB has different criteria. As a result, please double-check the information you submit in your application. Any inconsistency could be a red flag.

    OMSB Exam

    The OMSB exam is administered by two different exam providers. Pearsonvue facilitates the Registered Nurse exam, whereas Prometric handles other medical professions' exams. Aside from significant planning and preparation, examinees must concentrate and follow a systematic approach to pass. Remember that studying for the exam is critical at this level, and the best way to do it is to enroll in reputable courses that provide the best OMSB practice exam.

    Pass the OMSB exam and become a licensed medical professional now!

    From searching the application requirements for the OMSB exam and other qualifications can be overwhelming especially to foreign healthcare candidates who are not acquainted with or had no knowledge in applying for the OMSB exam. Due to this licensure application process for OMSB, candidates are advised to seek assistance from a specialized application preparation center like NEAC Medical Exams Center. NEAC‌ is an innovative pioneer medical exams application center that offers easy and fast exam applications for OMSB  and will do all the work for your OMSB application for the best price to avoid financial losses and delays that may cause rejections of your application.

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