The NMBA Self-check Preparation Guide for IQNMs

The NMBA Self-check Preparation Guide for IQNMs

Have you ever wondered how to work as a nurse in Australia? To work in Australia as a Registered Nurse or Midwife, you must apply and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia or NMBA. As an Internationally Qualified Nurse or Midwife, or IQNM, you must meet the following NMBA requirements for registration. 

Great things do not come easily. To become a nurse or midwife in Australia, you should narrow down the factors you should take into account. The purpose of this article is to prepare you for your AURN Dream difficulties by providing you with knowledge and instructions on how to complete the self-check.

What is Self-check?

Self-check is required for International Qualified Nurses and Midwives or IQNMs interested in registering in Australia. A self-check is carried out for IQNMs seeking registration in the NMBA to determine the necessary assessment stages.

What are the three streams in Self-check?

The three streams are:

  • Stream A - IQNMs who hold a qualification considered to be substantially equivalent, or based on similar competencies, to an approved qualification
  • Stream B - IQNMs who hold a qualification that is relevant to the profession but is not substantially equivalent nor based on similar competencies to an approved qualification
  • Stream C - IQNMs who hold a qualification that is not substantially equivalent or relevant to an approved qualification

Who should not complete the self-check?

  • The self-check cannot be completed by an agency or third party on the candidate's behalf.
  • Individuals who have completed a nursing or midwifery qualification in Australia that NMBA approves.
  • Nurses or midwives who currently registered as a nurse or midwives in New Zealand

Tips for Completing the Self-check

  • Research the process before beginning the Self-check to make sure you're fully informed.
  • Make sure you are providing correct details, whether personal or qualification information
  • Have proof of your credentials on hand.

It is important to remember that completing the process does not guarantee registration. The Self-check identifies only the assessment steps a candidate needs to complete in order to be registered. It does not evaluate whether or not the candidate meets the registration eligibility requirements. Only after you apply for registration after completing all required assessment stages will your registration application be assessed against the eligibility requirements.

Now that you know the Self-check and the tips for completing it, what are you waiting for?

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