The Ultimate CGFNS - CES Guide for Foreign Educated Nurses

The Ultimate CGFNS - CES Guide for Foreign Educated Nurses

Qualifying for the NCLEX in your chosen state can be difficult, especially for foreign-educated nurses. However, to achieve your #USRNdream and continue your career in the United States as a licensed nurse, you must take specific steps to process your NCLEX exam and ace it.

But first, you must narrow down the factors you should consider before taking the NCLEX, such as an RN license, English tests, a Social Security number, work experience, and finally, the requirement for a Credential Evaluation Service or CES.

When it comes to choosing your preferred state for the NCLEX, there are numerous factors to consider. But in this blog, we will mainly focus on the Credential Evaluation Service requirement for foreign-educated nurses. 

Many NCLEX candidates are unaware of the documentation that needs to be submitted to the CGFNS for examination. It's a common issue that leads to mistakes, loss of fees, and delays in their NCLEX application.

But don't be alarmed! This article was created to assist you in becoming more prepared by explaining how the CGFNS facilitates the Credential Evaluation Service for foreign-educated nurses. Now, let's start first with the basics.

What is the CGFNS?

CGFNS stands for the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. It is an independent, immigration-neutral nonprofit organization that assists foreign-educated healthcare professionals in living and working in their preferred country by assessing and validating their academic and professional credentials. It was established to evaluate, test, and certify foreign-educated nurses.

What do you need to know about CGFNS CES?

The Credentials Evaluation Service, or CES, is CGFNS's primary service.

The CES is a requirement for certain states and territories in the United States for registered and practical nurses educated outside the United States to obtain state licensing.

In order to get licensed as a registered or practical nurse in the United States, foreign-educated applicants must submit CES reports. 

If you apply for a CES Professional Report for a state requiring the English Language Proficiency Report, you are not eligible for exemption from taking an English language proficiency exam. You must submit scores from an acceptable English language proficiency exam before CGFNS will issue your CES Professional Report.

What documents do you need to submit for CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Service?

You must submit the CGFNS requirements like proof of your education and registration credentials when you decide to apply. The CGFNS will then assess these documents to certify that you meet all of the registration requirements to be licensed as a nursing professional.

  1. Secondary School Information
    A secondary school diploma or a certificate from an external exam demonstrates the highest secondary education level. All documentation must be written in English. Secondary diplomas might be translated by the applicant or by someone selected by them.

  2. Licenses / Registrations / Diplomas
    All licenses, registrations, and diplomas acquired by an applicant for a Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report are validated by CGFNS. The CES Professional Report validates all current and former licenses, registrations, and diplomas from all US and non-US jurisdictions.

    Note:  Some State Boards need license verification that is no older than nine months after the report issuance.

  3. Professional Education Information
    The required document is a complete academic record or transcript from each educational institution attended for the evaluation.

How long does CGFNS Evaluation take?

The CES processing time is estimated to be 12 weeks from the receipt and approval of all required documents. However, applicants who want to shorten the evaluation processing time can choose the expedited review service for the CES Professional Report.

Your Ultimate CGFNS - CES Guide for Foreign Educated Nurses, is complete. We hope that this material has provided you with a better understanding of the CGFNS Credential Evaluation Service procedure. Now that you've learned more about the CGFNS CES, you're better equipped to begin your NCLEX application right away.

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