Things you must know before processing your Visa Screen Application

Things you must know before processing your Visa Screen Application

You're probably aware that healthcare professionals who wish to work in the United States must get a permanent or occupational visa first. They'd also have to go through a thorough screening process. The International Commission on Healthcare Professions or ICHP, a subsidiary of CGFNS, offers Visa Screen for this goal. Visa Screen helps healthcare professionals achieve the screening requirement by confirming and analyzing their credentials, ensuring that they match the minimum eligibility standards the US government sets.

But before you process your Visa Screen, you should know a few things. Let's go first with the basics.

What is a Visa Screen?

Visa Screen: Visa Credentials Assessment Service is a comprehensive screening service for healthcare professionals. Specific healthcare professionals must pass a screening program before receiving either a permanent or occupational visa, including Trade NAFTA status.

There are three types of applications for the Visa Screen Service:

  1. The application for the standard service.
  2. Reprocessing an expired order.
  3. Renewing an expired Visa Screen certificate.

    What is the screening program included in Visa Screen?

    1. An assessment of an applicant's educational background to see if it is comparable to that of a US graduate in the same profession.
    2. A verification that an applicant's professional health care licenses are indeed valid and without restriction.
    3. An English language proficiency examination
    4. For registered nurses only, a verification that the nurse has passed either the CGFNS Qualifying Exam, NCLEX RN, or its predecessor, the State Board Test Pool Examination (SBTPE)

    How long is the validity of the Visa Screen certificate?

    Applicants who complete the Visa Screen successfully obtain an official ICHP Certificate for the Visa Screen: Visa Credentials Assessment Service, which meets US Federal screening criteria. A Visa Screen Certificate is valid for five years from the date that it is issued.

    Healthcare professionals who do not have a permanent visa or have not become citizens of the United States must reapply for a new certificate before it expires.

    We hope this information has made the Visa Screening process easier for you and inspires you to take the last step toward fulfilling your USRN dream.

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