Philippines has now thousands of NCLEX passers


Updated on March 22, 2022

The number of Filipino NCLEX passers has significantly increased compared to last year. Following the statistics report released by NCSBN or National Council of State Boards of Nursing, about 9,788 Filipino nurses took the NCLEX (RN and PN) with a passing rate of 49% for the first time in 2021 compared to 6,003 first-time takers in 2020. 

A report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the United States will need 1 million additional nurses by 2022. In addition to that, the Nursing field will have a 9% faster employment rate than all other occupations starting 2020 up to 2030 to cope with the increasing need of baby boomers for health care services after the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic last 2019.

According to ACTS-OFW Party-List Rep. Aniceto Bertiz III, “It is evident that many Filipino nurses are still raring to move into America’s highly lucrative labor market.”

Reality at the Pearl of the Orient

According to the Department of Labor and Employment, an entry-level registered nurse receives a salary of 8,000.00 - 13,500.00 per month in the Philippine labor market. The average monthly salary for PH Registered Nurses employed in hospitals is 9,757. The average monthly salary in the government is roughly 13,500, whereas the average monthly salary in the private sector PHRN is around 10,000.

In comparison, an annual median salary of a USRN is $75,330 as of 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics Report. Plus, fringe benefits, tax-saving, and pension plans for USRN were all designed to improve their living as they reside in the US as a registered nurse.

The underutilization of Filipino Nurses and this massive opportunity in the US strained many Filipino nurses to practice their profession in the United States. That lies a more precise explanation, why Filipino nurses chose to be under the hands of Uncle Sam than their own native country. More than 150,000 Filipino registered nurses are currently working in the United States, accounting for 1 out of every 20 registered nurses educated in the philippines.

Despite the vast national surplus, the Philippines continues to produce many new nurses both locally and internationally.

For foreign nursing professionals who do not want to be left out and have the urge to pursue their careers in the United States, they must take the NCLEX and meet relevant qualifications and licensing requirements by the NCSBN. Due to its decentralized nature with more than 50 State Board of Nursing and each with its own unique set of requirements, the licensing process is a complicated one. However, NEAC Medical Exams Application Center, a pioneer international licensing assistance company that has assisted more than 60,000 medical professionals to get licensed, can help you reach your USRN goals. NEAC can be reached via email at

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