Top 3 NCLEX states to best apply for Foreign Nurses

Top 3 NCLEX states to best apply for Foreign Nurses

The US has more than 50 State Boards of Nursing or SBON that have different sets of NCLEX requirements, qualifications, process of NCLEX registration or regulations, and NCLEX exam fee per state. Due to this complex and decentralized application process, foreign nursing graduates must identify which state is best to apply for NCLEX based on their level of education, work experience, and so much more. 

With this content, we will help you identify the best NCLEX states with the most lenient requirements to apply for foreign nurses.

NCLEX Illinois

Illinois is a single state, and foreign nurses can practice in Illinois if licensed in the country where they completed their school and meet all other requirements. After passing the NCLEX, an active license is issued by the state of Illinois. However, your license will not be immediately issued. It can only be issued after your license application. Illinois' overall NCLEX processing time will take up to 4 to 6 months with estimated fees of $1200 to $1300 up to the quick result phase.

NCLEX New York

New York is known by many nurses worldwide for providing licenses to qualified foreign candidates, thanks to Broadway and their excellent internationally educated foreign candidates. However, it is vital to note that their processing timeframes are longer than those of the other nursing boards. Overall, New York's NCLEX processing time will take 4 to 6 months, with fees ranging from $700 to $800 until the quick result phase.


Texas is one of the well-known states. It is, without a doubt. They never ask for a social security number, and foreign nurses get their license after passing the NCLEX. The NCLEX process in Texas will take 6 to 8 months to complete, with fees ranging from $1200 to $1300 until the quick result phase.

Take advantage of this opportunity to work as a registered nurse in this country. Don't let another chance pass you by; seize it while you still have the chance. Consider preparing for the NCLEX exam now.

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