Top 4 Reasons Why Foreign-Educated Nurses Should Consider Relocating to New Zealand

Top 4 Reasons Why Foreign-Educated Nurses Should Consider Relocating to New Zealand

Nurses often move to more developed countries to advance their careers and give their families a more secure financial future. The pattern has been going on for decades, and New Zealand is frequently mentioned as a possible destination. In fact, a large population of international nurses lives and works in New Zealand. Aspiring foreign nurses hoping to build a better life abroad can choose from the widest variety of nursing careers, from nurse practitioner to nurse manager, nurse educator, and nurse researcher.

And here are four reasons why becoming a nurse in New Zealand is the best option for you.

1. Excellent Pay Rate

In New Zealand, experienced nurses earn above-average wages. The minimum annual salary for a nurse is 40,700 NZD, and the maximum is 117,000 NZD. A person with two to five years of experience can expect to earn 57,400 NZD a year, 23% more than someone with less than two years of experience.

2. Experience a high level of personal satisfaction as a nurse.

The satisfaction you get from making a difference in people's lives as a nurse is unmatched, regardless of whether you work in a hospital, clinic, or some other healthcare setting. Interacting effectively with patients and their loved ones. There is a direct correlation between the level of satisfaction you feel in your work and the amount of time you spend actively listening to your patients' concerns, answering their questions, and providing emotional support.

 3. Work-Life Balance

The people of New Zealand have the philosophy that life is meant to be lived. They prioritize balancing productive work hours with quality time with loved ones. People in New Zealand have a good balance between work and life because they have to take time off. According to HSBC's 2021 Expat Explorer poll, New Zealand is the 1st in terms of future outlook, the 2nd for lifestyle, and the 3rd finest country in the world for expats to work and live.

4. Be qualified for a Permanent Residency

After more than two years of travel restrictions, the country only fully opened its borders in August 2022. And New Zealand is now offering permanent residency to nurses to alleviate the critical shortage of medical professionals.

In the end, New Zealand's health care system is often thought to be one of the best in the world, and the country as a whole has a very high quality of life.  Its gorgeous nation draws the interest of a significant number of registered nurses from other countries who are eager to work there.

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