Transforming Competence Assessment in New Zealand Nursing Services

Nursing Council Progress: Transforming Competence Assessment in New Zealand Nursing Services

Attention, future New Zealand registered nurses! We have news from the “Land of the Long White Cloud” or the “Middle Earth,” if you prefer. Recognizing the transformative impact of technology in healthcare, New Zealand’s Nursing Council has embraced innovative approaches to competence assessment. This new transformation will take effect in December 2023.

Technological integration enables dynamic and efficient assessment processes, utilizing simulation technology, online assessments, and other digital tools to provide an accurate reflection of a nurse's capabilities in real-world scenarios. 

If you are an internationally qualified nurse who is planning to apply for registration to the New Zealand Nursing Council, this blog is for you, as this new rule will have an impact on your application. Read more to learn about it and how you could prepare.

Who will take the new competence assessment program?

  1. International Qualified Nurses: Bear in mind that if you have already applied for registration to the Nursing Council and your documents have been verified by CGFNS before December, the application will not be affected by the new rule. However, if you are unable to submit for registration to the council before the new process of competence assessment is implemented, you would have to abide by the current change.
  2. Qualified Nurses with Australian Registration:  There is a separate process for international qualified nurses with Australian registration. You can apply for New Zealand registration under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997 if you have a registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA). However, if you have been previously registered, this new rule will not affect you.

What are the new rules for the competence assessment program?

Alongside the existing Competence Assessment (CAP) program, the following new procedures are to be implemented:

  1. Online Theoretical Exam: Internationally qualified applicants must go through an online theoretical exam that tests nursing knowledge. The exam is administered online and can be taken at an exam center accredited by the Nursing Council, either overseas or within New Zealand.
  2. In-person Orientation: A two-day orientation and preparation course followed by a clinical examination known as an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). The 3-hour OSCE tests clinical and professional skills. The orientation, preparation and OSCE will take place in person at an accredited center in New Zealand.

Note that New Zealand's CAP is a comprehensive framework that evaluates the skills, knowledge, and behaviors of nursing professionals at various stages of their careers. With the new additions to the competence assessment program, New Zealand will surely become a haven of competent nurses who excel in meeting modern healthcare's dynamic challenges.

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