USRN Guide 101: 3 Key Considerations for USRN Aspirants When Selecting the Right Recruitment Agency

alt=" USRN Guide 101: 3 Key Considerations for USRN Aspirants When Selecting the Right Recruitment Agency">

As more hospitals consider their staffing choices to handle seasonal fluctuations, nurse retirements, and burnout, nurse vacancies remain high in the US. A 2019 research on nurse staffing patterns found that more healthcare administrators now accept more recruitment agencies than in the past. A nurse recruitment agency should provide flexible options based on the hospital's needs to keep the workforce fully staffed during critical times.

There are several considerations to consider when choosing the best course of action if you're considering hiring a nurse staffing service to cover the gaps at your institution. Here are the main factors USRN aspirants should take into account while choosing the best recruitment agency before delving into those components.

How International Nursing Recruitment Agencies Work

Hospitals with problems filling temporary or permanent positions can receive nurse placements from nurse staffing services. They negotiate contracts with various healthcare facilities so registered nurses can work there. In the last ten years, hiring foreign nurses has grown in popularity to balance the supply and demand of nurses. Hospitals find it expensive to hire globally educated healthcare personnel. Hence, more staffing firms specialize in hiring foreign nurses. Typically, these organizations pay the facility a set cost for the RN while sponsoring the US visa for nurses (foreign-educated).


Long-standing nursing workforce agencies expedite the hiring process for medical professionals and hospitals alike, and some of them even offer extra services like lodging, educational opportunities, continuous support, etc. It's crucial to comprehend all the advantages you will enjoy if you decide to work with an agency. The kind of healthcare experts that a workforce agency will determine the services they offer.


Here is a thorough list of queries to ask when choosing an international nurse staffing firm to help you with your decision.

Foreign nurses are hired to work in the United States through international nursing agencies. They perform contract work (for the agency) in the client's facility up until the point at which they become full-time employees of the facility. These agreements may be for a period of two to three years. The benefits of hiring nurses from other countries include the potential for rates much lower than those for travel, the possibility to offer stability to high turnover units and lessen burnout, and the ultimate transition of the nurse to your core full-time team.

Empower your decision-making process with this comprehensive list of queries to ask when selecting an international nurse staffing firm. These questions are designed to guide you in making an informed choice that aligns with your healthcare facility's needs and values.


Chief nursing officers frequently want to slash labor costs to lower their contingency spending. Healthcare executives are searching for a sustainable approach to appropriately staffing their facilities because overtime pay may add up over time.

While it may be beneficial for hospitals to choose workforce agencies that guarantee low fees or rates, doing so could degrade the caliber of the registered nurses they hire. Consider the benefits an agency offers before selecting it purely based on the cost of its services. You could work with an agency that provides long-term support for the life of the RN's contract if you want to hire a temporary or permanent one.


Rapidity of deployment

One of the most important considerations when selecting a staffing service to work with is the pace at which you need a nurse deployed at your facility. The kind of nurse you seek will determine how quickly you need a replacement. Consider using a per diem nurse or PRN nurse to fill the gap in coverage for facilities with immediate needs (facilities that require coverage in the coming days).

When choosing a staffing provider, the speed at which you require a nurse to be deployed at your facility is one of the most crucial factors to consider. How soon you need a replacement depends on the type of nurse you are looking for. 


Even if RNs take longer to arrive at the facility, it may be worthwhile to establish a sustainable long-term approach even while speed is a crucial short-term priority.

Quality is important above all

Quality nurses prioritize teamwork, communication, and patient safety in addition to having years of experience and working hard. They also fit in well with the organizational culture. How well-prepared an RN was before beginning their contract will determine how easily they integrate into your hospital.

It's essential to have nurses who can adapt to your unit quickly and readily if you want to stay up with the fast-paced environment of the floor. Because a high-performing nurse will ultimately contribute to the unit's long-term stability, "quality" is a key consideration when choosing workforce agencies.

There you have it: our top 3 critical considerations for USRN aspirants when selecting the right recruitment agency. We hope this gives you the courage to begin your NCLEX Application and officially take action for your USRN Dream. In every step towards your USRN Dream, NEAC is here to help you. NEAC is your partner for an easy medical exam application process.

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