What are the most prevalent Mumaris and Saudi Eligibility questions you should be aware of?


What are the most prevalent Mumaris and Saudi Eligibility questions you should be aware of?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has dramatically expanded the size of its healthcare budget and the amount invested in its healthcare system over the last decade to fulfill the country's ever-increasing demand for healthcare. As a result, many foreign healthcare professionals are seeking employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Aspiring foreign healthcare professionals, on the other hand, must have their credentials examined and categorized by the Saudi Council for Health Specialties (SCFHS). And as the Mumaris platform becomes more popular among healthcare professionals, more queries about its functionality, features, and requirements arise. This article will comprehensively answer the most frequently asked questions about Mumaris to help you quickly navigate this platform.

What is Mumaris?

The Mumaris is an online platform that facilitates healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain and renew their licenses and keep track of their professional development.

Who is permitted to use the Mumaris platform?

Mumaris can be used by all healthcare professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and technicians.

How does Mumaris help?

The Mumaris Portal makes it easier for healthcare professionals to obtain and renew licenses and maintain track of their professional progress. It also offers a unified account that holds all healthcare professionals' data, eliminating paperwork and administrative burdens. Most notably, it aids in communicating healthcare professionals with licensing authorities.

What is the list of services facilitated in Mumaris?

  • Professional Classification service (inside and outside KSA).
  • Pro Registration service (inside KSA).
  • Professional Re-classification Service.
  • Pro Re-Registration services.
  • New Qualification Study.
  • Issuing a Training letter.
  • Issuing a certificate of good standing.
  • View earned Continuous Professional Development hours.
  • Apply for the recognition of earned CPD hours.

And now that you've learned the basics about Mumaris, let's talk about the most common questions about the SCFHS Pre eligibility and Professional Classification or SCFHS Eligibility Application Phase you'll need to go through on this Portal.

The SCFHS Pre eligibility application and Professional Classification or Eligibility application phase is the process of determining if a candidate is qualified for the category for which they applied and may advance with the SCFHS exam scheduling. The applicant can check the status of their eligibility application on the Mumaris Plus or Saudi Commission for Health Specialties websites.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Eligibility Phase, we drafted definitive guidelines pertaining to it.

What is the difference between Professional Classification and Professional Registration?

Professional classification refers to the process of assigning the proper professional degree to the healthcare professional. The healthcare professional must complete it before applying to the Professional Registration– it is the process of saving the detailed data of the healthcare professional in the SCFHS database.

What is the difference between Professional Classification and Professional Re-Classification?

Professional Classification is the first legal step before registering as a healthcare professional in SCFHS. On the other hand, Professional Re-classification is the process of modifying the Classification data for promotion, such as the professional degree or changing the specialty.

And this wraps up the most prevalent Mumaris and Saudi Eligibility questions you should be aware of. 

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