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This IELTS prep course will teach you about the exam format, how to approach different question types, how to prepare on test day, and other confidence-boosting techniques. It will contain practical listening and speaking activities that will allow you to listen to audio samples and record your own speaking for evaluation by trained IELTS Tutors. It will also teach you about the exam style, how to approach different question kinds, and how to prepare on test day.

You'll get everything you need to succeed, and it's all accessible at any time via online. This review center has been thoroughly designed to guarantee that you don't miss any essential hints, suggestions, or data that may aid you in achieving a high score on your IELTS exam.


IELTS Master + Personalised feedback on your assessment tasks Practice tests in all 4 modules (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking).

Personalized feedback on two writing tasks

Personalized feedback on three speaking parts

More than 300 activities in over 1500 web pages of content

Approx. 100 hours of study time

Detailed feedback and model answers for all activities

Over 5 hours of audio recordings

Test tips and study strategies in all skills

Recording tools to practice your speaking online

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