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Since its foundation 75 years ago, it has helped millions of students as the world leader in test preparation. This review center prepares students for over 90 standardized tests, including bachelor's degree exams, license exams, and English language exams. This Review Center has a track record of quality that has earned them recognition as one of the best local and worldwide  IELTS review facilities in recent years.

Their IELTS review bundle includes tools that teach critical thinking techniques, which are vital for exam performance.


✅ Review Duration: Approximately 3 - 4 weeks of 15 class sessions

✅ 25 live sessions with 3 hours/session

Review Components:

✅ Laboratory access: Unlimited/prep till the student passes the IELTS

✅ Regular program: 15 sessions of 4 hours each (60-hours)

Review Materials:

✅ Course Book/Handout

✅ Laboratory Materials

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