OET Intensive Course

OET Intensive Course

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One of the premium online course providers, trusted by the best in the English Language Exam industry, to get the result you need to pass as quickly as possible. They offer proven IELTS, OET, and PTE courses to ensure students' paths to success are as quick and frictionless as possible.

Review Duration: 1-month access

OET Intensive Course Inclusion

4 Self-study Video Courses on all subtests

OET Exam Readiness Test

Letter Model Answer Bank

Bank of Previously Corrected Letters

8 Sets of Reading and Listening Mock Exams

8 Sets of Speaking Role-play Cards and 8 Sets of Writing Case Notes

OET Live Class Recordings

7 days a week Writing Corrections Service

15 Writing Corrections

OET Live Writing Corrections Classes

Live Group Classes on all Skills

Speaking Mock Exam Live Group Classes

VIP Facebook Group Support


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