Understanding ATT in NCLEX: 3 ATT-related Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding ATT in NCLEX: 3 ATT-related Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on February 25, 2022

Navigating the NCLEX application process is more important than ever. Many candidates are unaware of the steps and factors involved from choosing their preferred state to taking the exam. 

We're done discussing the ultimate guide for CGFNS - CES. We will concentrate primarily on the Authorization To Test to help candidates keep on top of the process before sitting for the NCLEX exam.

Continue reading to find answers to frequently asked ATT questions.

What does ATT mean in NCLEX?

Authorization to test or ATT is a notification that the candidate may schedule the NCLEX exam on the date of their choice within the validity periods listed on ATT. To obtain this, candidates must first apply to the Nursing Regulatory Body or NRB.

Once the board has found the candidate eligible to take the exam, they will notify them through email.

The ATT contains the authorization number, candidate identification number, and expiration date.

How long does it take to get an ATT email?

The timeline for receiving the ATT email depends on the NRB the candidate is applying for NCLEX.

How long is the validity date of ATT?

The ATT is valid for a set period of time specified by the Nursing Regulatory Body or NRB, but the average length of an ATT validity is 90 days.

Note: Once the candidate is deemed eligible to test by the Board of Nursing, the candidate will receive the ATT and must take the test with the ATT validity dates as there is no way to extend it for any reason. Suppose the candidate does not schedule and take the exam within the ATT validity period. In that case, the Authorization To Test will expire, and they may be required to reapply for eligibility, complete all eligibility-related requirements, and pay the ATT and scheduling fees again.

Before scheduling the exam, make sure you have gone over all of the rationales in your NCLEX practice exam materials.

And that concludes our frequently asked question concerning the Authorization to Test. We hope this helps you with your NCLEX preparation.

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